Auto Glass Repair

Stone Chip Repair

Why fix it?

Windshield repair usually takes less than 30 minutes to be completed. Clear Choice Auto Glass will repair stone chips under the size of a loonie. Performing a windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield, prevent damage from spreading, and make the damage less noticeable.

The object of current windshield repair technology is to strengthen the damaged area and reduce the possibility that the chip may spread into a crack. Cosmetic improvements are considered secondary in importance.

What to expect after completion?

While the chip may disappear 75-90% there is a chance that it may not change in appearance. This can be caused by multiple factors including moisture or dirt that has contaminated the chip. The sooner you get it repaired the better the clarity and overall success of the repair. The chip will be smooth to the touch and sealed so nothing can get in or out of the chip. 


All chip repairs by Clear Choice Auto Glass are guaranteed not to crack as long as you own the vehicle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can choose to have your windshield replaced. The cost of repair will be credited against the windshield replacement cost.

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